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Terms and Meanings Commonly used for Bootfitting:














Ankle Flexion









Heel lifts







Delta angles




1. The knee center is aligned over the boot toe center line.

2. The center of the hips align over the instep buckle.

3. The torso aligns over the hips.


1. The entire bottom of the foot is in contact with the boot soul.


1. From the side view, the knee is not flexed ahead of the toe box.

2.The hips are over the instep buckle.

3. The torso is over the hips.

4. The ears are ahead of the hips.

5. Work must be done on a flat, level surface, with the power straps inside of the boot cuff.


1. Two inches of ankle flexion or less is considered tight.

2. Two to three inches of ankle flexion is normal.

3. More than three inches is considered loose.

4. Ankle flexion is controlled by the tightness of the Achilles tendon.

5. A tight Achilles will make the heel feel loose in the boot, causing the hips to drop the skier to sit back.


Dealing with RAMP ANGLE

1. Brings boot floor up to foot.

2. Eliminates the need for the skier to sit back to get his heel down.

3. Allows the legs to relax to a normal straight ahead position (not rotated in).

4. Doe work for everybody.


Dealing with Delta ANGLE

1. The effects of the ski/binding interface.

2. Skis are manufactured with both positive and negative delta angles.

3. Bindings almost always have positive delta angle to accommodate the brake mechanism.

4. The shorter the boot soul the steeper the delta angle created by the ski/binding interface.

5. Typical complaint from a skier who dose not benefit from to much delta is "My quads are on fire".




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