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The Toe Jam Spreader Basic Tool is designed for stretching any type of foot wear for width, although its orginal design is to stretch ski boots.

To Stretch a Ski boot for Width:


Remove liner from boot.


Insert the tool into boot shell and align it for the proper stretch.


Turn thumb knob until you fell pressure against the boot shell.


Heat the area of the boot that is to be stretched to 300 degrees fh. Use an infrared heat sensor gun to check the temp. Be carefull not to over heat the spot being stretched or the plastic will pickle at temps over 325 degrees. Also make sure to cover the buckles with aluminium foil or you could melt plastic buckles and pull the rivet out that holds the buckles on.


When the shell reaches 300 degrees the thumb knob of the TJS will become easier to turn. Keep turning the knob until the desired stretch is accomplished. Let the shell cool down completely and then remove the Toe Jam Spreader.